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Good Food Garden Party returns to Troy Gardens on September 8.

Join us for an elegant dinner, al fresco in the gardens:

  • Signature seasonal dishes from Madison's best chefs
  • The finest ingredients from Troy Community Farm and other local purveyors
  • One of Madison's most beautiful places.

For complete information VISIT.

To buy tickets online

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Now that the summer season is upon us the FarmWorks staff can take a breath and take stock of the projects we worked on this past season! 

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The weather is the "hot" topic of the moment, so we thought we'd share what we are doing at the Goodman Youth Grow Local Farm to try to keep cool!

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Good compost is an essential part of most any organic vegetable production system. In an organic system we do not use any chemical fertilizers to feed our plants. Instead we feed our soil with cover crops, mulch, and plenty of compost. When the soil is rich and fertile, our plants are strong and healthy.

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