Troy Community Farm -- The Numbers!

Our farmstand with plenty of vegetables.

Farmer Jake jotted down some statistics about life and work on Troy Community Farm this year. It is very enlightening ... take a look!

1.25 Number of acres we use to drive and walk around
5 Number of acres at Troy Community Farm
3.75 Number of acres that are tillable
0.83 Number of acres that we left fallow this year, to rejuvenate
2.92 Number of acres that we actually grew your food on this year
206 Number of households that were regularly fed from those acres
617 Number of square feet, on average, required for each household’s share
624 Number of square feet of the typical two car garage
12 Number of interns who worked tirelessly (12 to 20 hours per week)
10 Number of worker shares that helped them (4 hours per week)
4 Number of farm staff who worked full time and tried to make sure nothing was forgotten
73 Number of hours we used the tractor
12 Number of sit down intern lectures we taught
1 Number of inspiring intern field trips we took
1 Number of times the truck ran over a hand hoe, rendering each tool unusable
3 Number of highly destructive plant diseases we dealt with this season (powdery mildew in the basil, anthracnose in the melons, and cercospora leaf spot in the beets, chard and spinach)
0 Number of times we resorted to sprays of any kind
986.25 Number of pounds of green and yellow beans we picked one by one
4657 Number of red, yellow, and orange peppers we harvested
241 Number of days between seeding and harvesting the celeriac in your shares this week
9000 Number of garlic cloves we recently set aside as seed for next year’s crop
4846 Number of summer squash we delivered
0 Number of times I heard anyone express regret that summer squash season was over
8 Number of times we transplanted lettuce into the field in an attempt to have a steady supply
A Few  Number of weeds that we pulled
1 Number of frosts we’ve had this fall (this past Saturday)
1 Number of times that it felt hot enough to treat the crew with popsicles
2 Number of days above 90 degrees this season
1 Number of times we had to bring all of the greenhouse flats into my basement for fear of freezing
Several Hundred Number of said greenhouse flats
29.5 Number of inches of precipitation we have received so far this year
5 Number of tiny kittens that were accidentally delivered in a load of mulch this spring
6 Number of cakes that were brought in by interns for “Treat Monday”
2 Number of different theft and vandalism incidents we experienced
1 Number of times that I had to fill out a wholesale order to Willy Street Coop with a few tomatoes from my six year old’s garden (He a was pretty shrewd negotiator too, once he realized the demand)
2 Number of times we cooked farm fresh, wood fired pizzas for CSA members
361 Number of days, in a calendar year, that our wholesale sprout business requires attention
1 Number of times we had to head to the basement in the face of black skies and tornado sirens  
1 Number of times that we returned to the farm to find our pack shed twisted into a pack shed pretzel
2 Number of beautiful new tables my dad built for the newly configured CSA pick up
272 Number of different vegetables, herbs, and flowers we grew on the farm this season
A Bunch Number of mistakes I made in managing the farm this year
A Bunch Number of times I learned from those mistakes
0 Number of people who, in my humble opinion, have a better job than I do
--Jake Hoeksema, 2014

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