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By Kate Sullivan, Community Gardener

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Madison FarmWorks has had a busy and diverse season!  We have installed a community garden at a large business in Madison, planted a garden at the Capitol, taught classes in some beautiful gardens and worked in a lot of backyards.  Here's a snapshot of what we've been up to...


Client's vegetable garden before we started the install.

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By Kate Sullivan, Community Gardener
Clyde and I took our two nieces and nephew to Troy on Saturday. Our niece Chloe, a Mendota Elementary kid, gave her Virginia cousins a narrated tour of the gardens. Listening to one child I adore talk to two other children I adore about Troy, in her own words, made me smile. Gardens and kids are a good match.

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We garden rain or shine at the Youth Grow Local Farm!!  The weather has been unpredictable these last few weeks, but we continue to get things planted, mulched, eaten and cared for in the gardens.  Today our summer group was joined by more middle schoolers from MSCR's Mad Youth program, so we got a lot done!

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As spring passes into summer I wanted to take a little time to reflect back upon our third spring season at the Youth Grow Local Farm.  It's been a tough growing season so far with lots of cold weather interspersed with 90 degree days.  We keep joking at the farm that we haven't had one 70 degree, blue sky, white fluffy cloud day yet. 

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