Spicy Collaboration on CGW Pepper Pilsner Beer

Launch Party at The Great Dane Hilldale, October 11

October 3, 2013 -- The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. and Community GroundWorks happily announce a delicious and spicy collaboration—Pepper Pilsner beer made from peppers grown on the Northside of Madison at Troy Community Farm and Gardens.

The special Community GroundWorks Pepper Pilsner will be on tap for a limited time at the Hilldale Great Dane Pub location, so don’t wait to try it. Veteran Dane brewer Eric Brusewitz has crafted a recipe using eight varieties of peppers grown at Troy Gardens, the flagship project of the Madison nonprofit Community GroundWorks. The recipe includes the standard poblanos, jalapenos, and habaneros Brusewitz uses in the Tri-Pepper Pils he brews during the summer; plus heirloom varieties like Bulgarian carrot—a fiery but fruity bullet of a pepper—and pasia bajillo, also known as chile negro,  which brings a deep smoky taste to the brew. The base of the beer is Peck’s Pilsner, one of the Great Dane’s most popular and quaffable selections. "The spicy zip of Czech Saaz hops and the crisp nature of a Pilsner creates a nice wave for these peppers to surf on," said Brusewitz.

“It was an eternity waiting for the peppers to ripen this year,” said Marge Pitts of Community GroundWorks, who grew some of the peppers in her community garden plot. “But maybe it just seemed that way because I’ve been craving this beer since I started my seeds in February.”

Troy Community Farm grew a special planting of peppers for this project, including habaneros for the first time ever. “We tended them for almost six months,” said Farm Director Jake Hoeksema. “With the chilly season, it was a waiting game for most of the summer.  Finally, over the last few weeks the fruits turned from green to brilliant red and yellow and orange, and we are thrilled to offer them to the Great Dane for this pepper beer.”

Community GroundWorks Pepper Pilsner beer goes on tap at the Hilldale Great Dane Pub (Midvale Blvd. at Price Place) on Friday, October 11. Come to the launch party, hosted by the Great Dane to promote Community GroundWorks, from 5-7pm. Please join us in a toast to the community spirit of the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co., the abundance of Troy Gardens, and the fellowship that can be found in an excellent glass of beer.


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