Urban Forestry Summit Prepares for Emerald Ash Borer in Dane County

An outpouring of creative ideas and energy describes the 2012 Urban Forest Summit held in September at the Fitchburg DNR and organized by Community GroundWorks Natural Areas Manager Patricia Lindquist. The summit was a key piece of our WDNR Urban Forestry Grant program work plan to foster strategic partnerships to prepare for the onset of Emeradl Ash Borer (EAB) in Dane County. 

The goals of the summit were to identify projects (who is doing what and where), ways to work together, be inspired by creative ideas, and leave the day with an action plan. Outcomes from the summit include working with WDNR to advocate urban forestry with legislators, EAB outreach to homeowners, and repurposing trees, among others.  Useful resources identified include urban forestry/EAB tool kits, urban wood re-utilization, tree planting models, educational games for kids, and other successful models locally and nationally that can be replicated at Troy Gardens and elsewhere.

Finally, the summit provided the platform to launch the South Central Wisconsin Urban Forestry Network.  The group's goal is to network with organizations with similar goals.  Plans for the group include a website that will intially be housed with Community GroundWorks, informal monthly meetings and a second summit tentatively scheduled for March 2013.

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