Fall in the Kids’ Garden – October, 2012

by Ginny Hughes, Kids' Garden Manager

It’s hard to believe that fall is already upon us!  The kids have been doing lots of work to help prepare for the end of the gardening season.  They have been helping take down old crops, add compost to the garden beds and lay thick layers of mulch. 

We are trying a new-to-us method of gardening called ‘lasagna gardening’ to get rid of the quack grass infested strawberry patch.  In a lasagna garden, you layer ingredients on the ground, like you are making a giant lasagna.  The kids had fun using wheelbarrows to get compost, and putting it on top of newspapers they had laid down right on top of the garden. 

Next week, they’ll bring wheelbarrows out to the sugar maple woodland and load up fallen leaves from the forest floor to bring back to the garden and layer on top of the compost.  As they leaving the garden, one child was heard saying to his friend, “I hope we can do this again next week.  That was awesome!”

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