Staying Cool at the Goodman Youth Grow Local Farm

The weather is the "hot" topic of the moment, so we thought we'd share what we are doing at the Goodman Youth Grow Local Farm to try to keep cool!

We harvested our whole garlic crop this past week - about 1500 bulbs in all that were planted last October.  We bundle them in groups of 10 and then hang them in our shed to cure.  Eventually we will send a box of garlic a week to the Goodman Food Pantry.

Each day a portion of the group of youth out at the farm cooks a snack for the whole crew using ingredients that are harvested that week.  Two of the favorites have been garlic scape pesto served on kohlrabi chips and bright pink beet ice cream!

Painting vegetable signs in the shade is a great task for a hot day!

We've also been playing games, harvesting various crops that are ready, doing lots of watering...and even getting some garden work done!

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