Kitchen Scraps to Compost

Good compost is an essential part of most any organic vegetable production system. In an organic system we do not use any chemical fertilizers to feed our plants. Instead we feed our soil with cover crops, mulch, and plenty of compost. When the soil is rich and fertile, our plants are strong and healthy.

Unfortunately, we at Troy have never had much success producing our own on-site compost. Until now! This year with the support of a grant from the Blooming Prairie Foundation, we built a series of compost bins where we are producing compost from our own waste to be used again in our own fields. The bins were completed over the winter and we started filling the first one almost two months ago. We keep adding, and the pile keeps sinking, so things are definitely starting to cook.
Now that we are feeling pretty comfortable with the new bins, we are looking for additional compostable donations to fill them up! For years I have been looking forward to the day when I would be able to invite CSA members to bring their kitchen scraps back to the farm where their vegetables were grown, where we would make them into compost and grow more vegetables to bring back home to their kitchens. It is such a lovely circle, and today is finally the day that I can make that invitation.
If you are willing to separate and save your compostable food waste, we will take it off your hands as often as you bring it to us. The easiest day to bring your compost will be Thursdays between 4 and 6 p.m. when you come to the farm stand/CSA pickup. We will have a bin at the pickup where you can dump your scraps. We will also have a hose set up where you can rinse out your compost container and bring it back home clean and ready to fill once again. Then, at the end of the pickup, we will bring all your donations back to the compost bins (behind the greenhouse) and add them to the pile.
If you want to bring your scraps on any other day, you can add them directly to the compost bins yourself. There is only one active bin at any time, so just look for the bin with the instructions on how to add your scraps and then follow the instructions. It’s easy.
Thanks so much for adding to our compost project. Here’s to a year of making lovely soil together!
Things to include and exclude from your kitchen waste compost donation:
YES - add these materials   NO – not these materials  
Vegetable & Fruit Scraps   Biodegradable Plastic  
Coffee Grounds & Filters   Compostable Plastic  
Eggshells   Meat & Bones  
Grains (including bread)   Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese)

 Remember -- this is for kitchen food waste only.  NOT garden waste and weeds.

-- Claire Strader, Farm Director




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