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We are lucky at Community GroundWorks to have a team of wonderful interns in all of our program areas.  This week, we are highlighting Shelly Strom, an intern in the Natural Areas and with Madison FarmWorks.  Read on to find out more about her and her experiences with Community GroundWorks! 

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By Jill Jacklitz

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It's been almost exactly two months since we installed the Capitol Vegetable Garden and I am here with an update.  It has changed immensely in the last two months - things have grown very quickly.  In fact, on the days when we are at the garden doing maintenance, the most popular question has become - What did you do to make the plants so big and healthy?  My answer - not much!  Which isn't entirely true, but the answer is surprisingly simple and doesn't contain chemicals.  For many weeks, when we arrived at the garden for our weekly maintenance, I was astounded at

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Read on to learn more about the Urban Apiary at Troy Community Farm from our Apiary Coordinator, Sarah Shatz! 

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by Marge Pitts

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