Madison FarmWorks Spring Projects - Part I!

Madison FarmWorks has had a busy and diverse season!  We have installed a community garden at a large business in Madison, planted a garden at the Capitol, taught classes in some beautiful gardens and worked in a lot of backyards.  Here's a snapshot of what we've been up to...


Client's vegetable garden before we started the install.

After installing raised beds and a new fence.


Before a garden reorganization and rebuilding.

After reorganizing the garden with more defined beds and paths.

Megan and Claire teaching a class to Master Gardeners in a beautiful garden in Middleton.

We were invited to plant a vegetable garden at the Capitol again this year.  We asked a few classes from Creative Learning Preschool to come help us plant the garden.  The beds and paths have stayed the same as last year, but we are featuring some new crops!

                   Claire prepping the beds.               Creative Learning Preschool waiting to plant.

           A preschooler helping plant a tomato.         Garrett and Megan unloading leaf mulch.

Claire putting on the finishing touches.

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