Girls Scouts in the Garden – Many thanks to Niece Chloe, Dana, Lily A., Lily C, Linnea and Olivia

By Kate Sullivan, Community Gardener

Sunday turned out to be a fabulous day to host girl scouts in the garden! Not only was the temperature mild and the sun shining but also fellow gardeners and Bobo, the biggest Great Dane we ever met, were out working their gardens too.
The girls are all Northsiders either attending Lake View Elementary or Mendota and one is headed to middle school. Most of the girls had been to Troy on school field trips but seemed no less eager or interested in the pursuits of the morning. After a few instructions, the girls planted brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and enough peppers to string lights like you see in the Southwest and tomatoes for salsa that will complement summer cookouts.  Some of the girls wanted to use gloves others didn’t.  Each brought a pot for planting petunias which they took home to nurture.
The girl scout mothers were equally as spirited as the girls who dug in. We talked about the renewed enthusiasm for community gardening and the recent addition of the Black Hawk school garden, Midvale Elementary and American Family’s new community garden on the far east side. A couple of mothers inquired about plots at Troy and I agreed to introduce them to our community gardener volunteer/coordinator Jill Schneider for more information.
The morning ended with a walk around the grounds to the sound of birds and giggling girls. Our walk led us first to see the chickens and talk about compost, then through the greenhouse where we took in the smell of mint and herbs, through the gardens to the CSA Farm, to the rock pit that looks like a perfect place for a campfire, through the prairie, by the raspberries and rhubarb and to the play equipment.
The girls will emerge as pre-teens soon but today they enjoyed discovering the land and playing as little girls do - while chewing sour rhubarb roots and laughing all the way…

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