June 5

By Kate Sullivan, Community Gardener
Headed to the garden to catch up with some overdue planting before the temperatures rise on what is looking like will be a perfect summer day! 
This week I had the pleasure of reading the Willy Streep Co-op Reader and Northside News. I learned that the Willy St.Co-op provides scraps from its commercial kitchen to the Troy Farm. This green business connection is just another example of the interconnectedness of community and the earth! On the other hand, I was disappointed to read that state officials will not slow down plans to develop the archival facility next to Troy given the lack of community input. I am in favor of this needed preservation space as I'm sure others see its value. Then comes the however...proximity to Troy is a compelling competing reason to take another look...
I am looking forward to next weekend when a Northside Girl Scout Troop will be joining Clyde and me on Sunday for a group project to complete planting in our plot. Thanks to the Plot Monitoring Committee for accommodating this slighly late planting for a worthy purpose!

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