The Next Trip: Saturday Work Day

By Kate Sullivan, Community Gardener

I took off for exercise class planning to take my niece Chloe to horseback riding lessons afterwards when I got the text that a sore throat had set in.  Instead, I met Clyde at Troy where I found him dutifully tilling plots for fellow gardeners.  I could see sweat beads pouring from his face but at the same time fellow gardeners so appreciative of his work.  I took on weed wacking to prep our own plot bugging Clyde as the temperamental string trimmer petered out a number of times.  I heard the buzzing of another trimmer and enlisted a fellow to finish what I could not.  After Clyde tilled three gardens our own was ready to be turned!  Becoming hungry yet undeterred, together we tilled our plot.  I met fellow gardeners Gary, Di and Mee who told me the fellow doing the trimming was her father who was well into his two hour shift but needed to stop due to a bad back.  I shared that Clyde’s back was not so hot but for the love of the gardens and Troy he pressed on.  I picked up mint and talked to Mee about how I was so looking forward to a cooking extravaganza with the “Hmong Ladies.”  I mean no disrespect in my reference to the Hmong ladies.  It’s just that I don’t know names but I do know that I want to sample their cooking and learn their cultural culinary secrets.  Mee and I then talked to Jill, our engaged coordinator of all things Troy, and now we think by harvest time in August we will sample tasty Asian delights!  Thanks to Kurt and Jill for their tireless efforts to engage all of us in the special place we know as Troy Gardens.  Happy planting to all!

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