Intern Spotlight: Shelly Strom

We are lucky at Community GroundWorks to have a team of wonderful interns in all of our program areas.  This week, we are highlighting Shelly Strom, an intern in the Natural Areas and with Madison FarmWorks.  Read on to find out more about her and her experiences with Community GroundWorks! 

I am most passionate about gardening, design, slow food, gentle sports, traveling and continuous – both formal and informal -- education. I studied science communication and landscape architecture at UW-Madison and have lived in Madison for most of my life. I have also lived in Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, New Zealand and France.  My favorite place in the world is Corsica, the terrain looks like New Zealand, but the island is full of French culture, language and food; perfection!



I first visited Troy Gardens in 2008 to study the children’s garden and became enchanted with the entire place! After a tour from Christie Ralston, I began volunteering in the kids’ garden and then the natural areas. Happily, Christie offered me an internship in 2009 to address urban forestry issues, a position which I have held for two years. This season, I also had the opportunity to assist Megan Cain with FarmWorks -- designing, installing and maintaining organic vegetable gardens including one on the Capitol grounds.




For me, there have been a multitude of highlights at Community GroundWorks… observing kids as they discover that chicken really do lay eggs (just like the kind from the grocery store!), receiving compliments for growing gorgeous vegetables at the Capitol Building (don’t you think potatoes look a bit like roses?) and discovering how keen our community is about urban forestry and edible landscaping. For me, Community GroundWorks is about connecting people, land and food and I am pleased to help facilitate this common goal.   

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