Farm Intern Spotlight: Laurel Blomquist

We are lucky at Community GroundWorks to have a team of wonderful interns in all of our program areas.  This week, we are highlighting Laurel Blomquist, a second-year farm intern.  You can read more about her adventures on Troy Community Farm on her blog post.   Look for other intern spolights throughout the summer!   

Hello!  My name is Laurel Blomquist and I’m a returning intern here at Troy Community Farm.  I live in the Wil-Mar neighborhood and have been in Madison since 2005.  I have a BA in Women’s Studies from Carleton College in Northfield, MN, and I recently completed my degree in Culinary Arts here at MATC.  During the course of my studies, I became more and more interested in the local food movement and decided to take a class in Organic Farming.  It was there that I learned of the opportunities at Troy.

I am still only at the beginning of my journey into organic farming, but I learned a lot my first year.  Claire and Jake are great teachers and co-workers, who facilitate learning with provocative questions about organic methods.  We seed, transplant, weed, harvest, and do a variety of other activities to maintain the farm.  This year, I hope to learn more about greenhouse work, as well as beekeeping.

In the picture, I’m in the garlic field.  We planted over 3000 garlic bulbs last November and they really took off in the spring.  It was so satisfying to see that our hard work seven months ago paid off.  The right side of the picture is where our flower and herb garden for the CSA members will be. 

In the future, I plan to take over the management of my grandparents’ farm in the Quad Cities, IL.  It’s something I never dreamed I would be doing as a kid, but just makes sense now.  My experiences at Troy will be the model for my own business.  I’m sure I’ll be calling Claire with questions before long!

Farming is hard work.  My body may ache from hoisting bales of hay, or bending over to transplant, or being on my knees for hours, weeding, but being outside with a great group of people, eating the results of our labor, and knowing that over 120 families in the Madison area are eating better as direct result of what we do makes up for that.

Here’s to a new season at Troy Farm! 

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