Scenes from the Community Garden


Gardening in a community setting like Troy Gardens is a unique experience.  Often, gardening is a solitary activity that happens on one's private property.  If you are lucky, your neighbors are gardeners and you can chat over the garden fence.  In community gardens, there are often tens, if not hundreds, of people gardening in the same place, all right up next to one another.  The community gardens at Troy is a big one - over 300 plots and more than 100 gardeners.  Apart from being an employee at CGW, I have had two plots in the garden for the last six seasons, so I get to experience the land in a different, more personal manner by growing some of my food there. 


Often I rush over to my garden, engage in some tasks that need to be done - weeding, watering, sticking in a plant - and then run on home.  When I am feeling more mellow I love to walk up and down the rows and look at the gardens.  It never ceases to amaze me how different each plot is from the one next to it.  I know many of the gardeners, so when I walk by on my stroll I can see the personality of the gardener reflected in their small domain.  I have my favorite gardens that I always check on, favorite paths to take, and favorite people to seek out to say hi. 


Today, on a cloudy, relaxed Saturday, in that pleasant period of June when the weeds are under control, there's no need to water, and no more room to plant, I took the time to wander down each and every path of the garden to be surprised, delighted and enchanted by the quirkiness that met me at each turn.  These photos are a taste of what I found on my stroll.



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