A Vegetable Garden at the Capitol

It has been two weeks since we installed the Madison FarmWorks vegetable garden at the Capitol and it is growing like crazy! All of this rain and sun nicely distributed throughout each week seems to be good for the plants. Most gardeners are saying how far ahead everything is this year and I have to agree.

We had a big rainstorm the morning of the installation, but it cleared up after an hour and we continued laying out the beds and paths. We had our design and measurements on paper and layed it out using twine and stakes. 

After shoveling some of the soil from the aisles into the beds, we covered the paths with woodchips like we would in any client's garden, and began to plant.

The installation attracted a lot of press and we gave a lot of interviews that day.  Here's a picture of Claire with the paparazzi...

thanks to the help of farm interns and a nice gentleman who was walking by and offered to join in the platning, the installation was finished around lunch time.  Senator Risser, who was very supportive of our proposal and invited us to his committee meeting to make a pitch for the garden, stopped by at the end and we had our picture taken with him.

Now we will return once a week to water, weed, replant and make sure the garden is looking great.

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