The Joy of Troy

By Anne Pryor

Last night, my 'little sister' Bionca and I visited the exhibit "The Joy of Troy" at the Pyle Center.  It was the opening night and many of the artists who entered pieces in the show were there.  It's a wonderful show - a very intimate portrait of the gardens with lots of photographs, some paintings, a few colored pencil drawings, and unique media like clay, glass or wool. The artists are Northside residents who appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the gardens.  They have that keen eye that can find beauty or pattern in everything from farm workers harvesting a row to dead sunflowers drying on a dilapidated fence. 

Just as captivating as the visual art on display are the artist statements that accompany each piece.  I love a good story and many of the statements are just that - wonderful stories of the artist's relationship with Troy Gardens.  They were intriguiging reads.  I found my own story of Troy echoed in several of the statements and so felt a bond growing between me and people I've never met but with whom my life overlaps in at least one significant way -- Troy Gardens. 

The exhibit came out of a partnership between Community Groundworks and the Northside Artists Group, with NSAG providing the true leadership on the project.  Many thanks to them for creating such a great way for people in all parts of the city to be exposed to the joy of Troy. 


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