Troy Community Gardens Update

Water Shut Off (10/17)
The water for the community gardens will be shut off this Wednesday, 10/17.
Closing Day for Troy Community Gardens (10/27 9 a.m.)
Our last work day coincides with Closing Day for the season. IMPORTANT: If your plot is located in the plowed section (plots H61 to H120), you must have everything cleaned out of your plot by 9 a.m. on 10/27. This includes fencing material, tomato cages, bags of trash/weeds, etc. Do not put anything from your plot behind the sheds or anywhere else on the property unless it is neatly bundled fencing material, which can be leaned against the T posts west of the garden plots in the open grassy area between the plots and the woods. You are not allowed to place any plant debris or other material in the woods, at the curb or anywhere else on the site. If you have a compost pile and you are in the plowed section (H61-H120), please spread it out over your plot, so the plow doesn't have to plow over uneven ground in the spring. If you have any large corn stalks or other thick, fibrous plant material, they must be cut up into 6 inch pieces or smaller or taken off site by you.
New for 2013 - All Plots Will be Organic
The same plots that are plowed each spring (H61-H120) will continue to be plowed, but for 2013 they will be considered organic plots just like the rest of the plots. That means organic gardening methods must be used in those plots. The use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides made from synthetic materials as well as use of chemical fertilizers will be strictly forbidden. There has been an increase in requests for organic plots over the years. Being an all-organic community gardens makes sense for the environment and reduces potential harm to beneficial insects, birds, other wildlife and especially our gardeners.
Master Gardener Program Info
I was asked to pass on the attached brochure about the Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program run by the UW Extension. This is the general training master gardener program and classes start next February and run through to August. There are two different days/times the sessions are held, so those of you that work during the day can attend the evening session and vice versa.
Community Action Coalition Potluck 9/29
The CAC Gardens Program is hosting a harvest celebration to share the fruits of your labor at their Fall Harvest Potluck on Monday, October 29th from 6-8pm at the Catholic Multicultural Center. They will be sharing photos and stories from CAC Garden Days and offering time for you to meet and learn from other community and food pantry gardeners. A flyer with information on the event is attached to this message. There are flyers in English, Spanish, and Hmong. Please RSVP to Michelle Shively ( or 608-246-4730 ext 208).