Garlic Mustard Pull & Fort Building Play Day at Troy Gardens

We have two events planned for Saturday, May 11th:

9:30 am-noon: Garlic Mustard Pull

Please join us Saturday morning for our annual garlic mustard pull led
by Steve Lendved.  Meet by the red sheds at 9:30 am, or find us in the
Maple Woodland anytime between 9:30 am and noon.  We'll meet if it's
raining, but we'll cancel if it's thundering and lightning.

10 am-noon: Fort and Shelter Building Play-Day at Troy Gardens

The Maple Woodland at Troy Gardens contains a fort building area that is designed to help foster creativity and free play in nature.  We will introduce concepts like wilderness survival and shelter building techniques, as well as give children of all ages free time to explore the woods, build, and create.  Meet at the red sheds at 10 am, or find us in the fort building area in the woodland west of the Maple Lane later on.

You might want to consider joining us for both events: parents can help out with the garlic mustard pull for an hour or two while the kids build forts, and kids can learn why we remove invasive species such as garlic mustard.  We probably shouldn't startbuilding forts out of garlic mustard though... But you can take some home for pesto!

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!