Internships at the Kids' Garden

 **All paid internship positions for 2016 have been filled**

If you are interested in a volunteer internship, please contact our Troy Kids' Garden Manager at


Continue reading below for more information about interning at the Troy Kids' Garden, or visit the Community GroundWorks' Internship Opportunities page for information about all of our intern programs.




What do they do?

The Kids' Garden Program provides hands-on educational programming in the areas of gardening, cooking/nutrition, arts, and nature study for a diverse population of young people in the Madison area.

Interns will build their skills as environmental educators and gardeners as they work with youth from area community centers, elementary and high schools, and summer camps. Interns will assist the Kids' Gardening Coordinator in developing, implementing, and evaluating program activities for children in our award-winning organic Kids' Garden, tallgrass prairie, edible landscape, and sugar maple woodland. In addition, interns will gain valuable experience training and supervising volunteers and helping to  maintain and improve the Kids' Garden and the Culinary Arts Outdoor Classroom.

Available Positions: There are seven intern positions available in the Kids' Garden Program in 2016; up to three of those are paid positions. 

Schedule: During the nine-week summer program (June 13-August 12), shifts are generally 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday-Friday. Paid interns work five shifts per week and volunteer interns work three shifts per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday).

During the seven-week spring program (April 18-June 3) and seven-week fall program (September 7-October 19), shifts are 12:30-5:30 PM, Mondays and Wednesdays. Please provide detailed availability information on the application.

Professional Development:  Education and professional development is a central component for all of our internships, both paid and volunteers.  All Kids' Garden interns will participate in weekly professional development classes during our summer season which will include field walks, discussions, and guest speakers.  Interns will have an opportunity to work together with the Kids' Garden Manager to collaboratively plan weekly garden, cooking, nature and art activities for program participants.  All interns will receive copies of Got Veggies? A Garden-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum, and Got Dirt? A Garden Toolkit for Implementing Youth Gardens to use as tools as they build their skills as garden educators. Interns will also receive access to professional development opportunities from other Community GroundWorks' programs.

College Credit: Credit is available for all internships. Speak with your adviser to arrange credit for your internship experience. We are happy to help you complete hours requirements and paperwork.