Troy Land & Gardens Internships

**Check back later for 2017 internship opportunities in our Natural Areas**

If you are interested in a volunteer internship, please contact our Land & Gardens Coordinator at
Digging dirt into a wheelbarrow.Photo by Bill Arthur

What do they do?

The Natural Areas Program works to maintain a healthy managed maple woodland, prairie, edible landscape, herb garden and prairie. Our restored natural areas create important habitats for native plant species and wildlife while providing citizens with ongoing hands-on educational opportunities. The Natural Areas Program also works with citizens in the surrounding communities on education and outreach related to urban forestry and community-based restoration. All interns in this program work with the Natural Areas Coordinator to develop and implement their internship. These internships have flexible schedules.

2016 Natural Areas Volunteer Internship Opportunities

Natural Areas

Share your passion for environmental conservation and practice skills in prairie restoration, woodland maintenance, and land management within a permaculture framework. Land maintenance intern will help remove invasive species in prairie, woodland and open space. They will plant and maintain trees, shrubs, and perennials across the 26 acres used by Community GroundWorks. The intern will also lead volunteer work groups, give tours of the land, and maintain trails and open spaces. Two projects this internship will focus on include pollinators and food forests.

Why do they love it?

A pink-purple coneflower.Photo by John Beck

Natural Areas interns learn through hands-on experience what it means to restore and maintain prairie and natural areas.  They walk away with the ability to identify invasive species and blooming wildflowers, learn about the benefits of prescribed burning, get involved in the community outreach, and gain experience in environmental education and leadership.

Here's what two natural areas interns have written about their experience:

"This internship affected me so much.  I learned to love, appreciate, and praise this piece of land known as Troy Gardens.  I also learned that it is difficult to manage something so beautiful and that it takes truly gifted and understanding person to do so.  I love the versatility of the job.  I know that this internship gave me the exact skills I needed to pursue and succeed at my first, real job.  I am so grateful to have been able to intern here and will continue my career in the environmental sciences."

"I wanted a challenge and being a Natural Areas intern definitely allowed me to take on a variety of tasks that were new to me."