General Garden Information

Click here to view the 2016 Garden Plot Map.

Garden plots at Troy measure approximately 20' x 20' (400 sq.ft.). There is a one plot limit for new gardeners, but if you tend your plot well the first year, you can request more plots in subsequent years. The maximum number of plots per gardener is 4 plots.

Only organic gardening methods are allowed in our garden plots. No herbicides of any kind are allowed anywhere on the property.

We do not plow any sections of our gardens, which allows gardeners to plant perennials such as asparagus and strawberries and leave up fences, if desired, throughout the year. 

Plot rental for the season varies from $12-$75 per plot, depending on your income level and size of household/garden family. Gardeners may work in their plots at any time of the year, provided they remain in good standing (follow the garden rules).

Water is provided on site throughout the season. Garden tools, such as shovels, garden forks, hoes, and hoses are also available for everyone to use. Free wood chips and leaf mulch, when available, are provided for the gardeners' use. We offer floating row cover, a fabric insect barrier and insulator, for sale on our application. Row cover is put over plants to protect them from insect pests without the use of chemicals. We also sell bales of marsh hay for mulch on our application. If marsh hay is purchased it is usually available at opening day.

Learn more about applying for a plot at Troy Community Gardens.