For Your Home Garden

Bedding Plants

Our 2016 Annual Plant Sale will take place at Troy Gardens (502 Troy Drive) on May 7th from 10am-2pm!

Click here for a detailed list of the plant varieties we will have available to purchase!

With the completion of our passive solar greenhouse, we developed a catalogue of vegetable bedding plants available to the Madison community. All our plants are certified organic and carefully selected and grown by our experienced farmers.

Enjoy the great taste and fun experience of nurturing your own fresh, local, organic produce: in your own back yard or garden plot!


Vegetable Planting Calendar

Do you ever wonder when to plant certain vegetables? Do you wish you could get more food out of your garden? This calendar is an easy reference for the vegetable gardener who wants a local planting guide!


  • A week by week guide for starting seedlings and planting in the garden
  • A focus on successsion planting to help you produce more food
  • A detailed introduction explaining the guide and how to use it
  • Easy to fill out template for you to create your own garden plan
  • Production tips throughout to help you increase your skills
  • Vegetable spacing guide listing the proper spacing for planting seeds and seedlings

Price: $7 by mail

Make check payable to Community GroundWorks and send to: 3601 Memorial Drive, Suite 4, Madison, WI 53704

Bulk orders of 50 or more: $4 each + shipping

*Please do not come to our office to buy a calendar. You must order by mail.

Need extra calendar templates? Download here.