Natural Areas

Nearly 10 acres of the Troy Gardens site is being restored to natural habitat and demonstration plantings. The Natural Areas program has transformed the formerly weedy urban lot into:

  • A thriving native tallgrass praire
  • Praire flower plantings- Check out this Prairie Wildflower Identification Guide!
  • A wildlife corridor - a favorite of birders
  • Maple woodlands, cleared of invasive species and planted with native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers
  • An edible forest landscape of berries, fruits, and nut trees to explore, smell and taste
  • A mulberry savannah for wandering and tasting
  • An herb garden- pinch, sniff, taste
  • A traditional Hmong medicinal herb garden
  • Quiet niches to simply sit, listen and breath

In addition to restoration work and plantings, the Natural Areas program increases awareness of urban forestry issues by sponsoring community outreach activities. They provide trainings, tours, and field trips of the Natural Areas, and facilitate community educational sessions, such as, "Urban Forestry 101", public forums, and Emerald Ash Borer awareness activities.  

Click here for more resources from the Natural Areas program, including land management plans and an edible garden guide.