Cover Crop and Soil Amendment Trials at Troy Community CSA Farm

Principal Investigators: C.C. Vargas and W.F. Tracy

Camilla's study area at Troy GardensPhoto by C. C. Vargas

This project was designed in collaboration with Claire Strader, the managing farmer at Troy Community Farm, to answer two key questions:

  1. What cover crop should be used during the fallow soil building year of the farm's eight year crop rotation?
  2. How will soil amendments, such as leaves, woodchips, compost, and alfalfa meal affect crop yield and will there be an interaction between these soil amendments and cover crops?

The purpose of this research was increase farm productivity by establishing effective methods of weed suppression and soil enhancement.

For further information about the results of this research please contact Camilla Vargas at: camillaclvargas at (replace "at" with @ when sending the email).

This research was conducted between 2003 and 2005 by Camilla Vargas for completion of her Masters thesis in the Department of Agronomy. Camilla worked with her academic advisor, Professor Bill Tracy, who is also from Department of Agronomy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


I would like thank Bill Tracy for his advice and guidance during this project. I would also like to thank Claire Strader for her mentorship; I learned so much from you. The youth from the farm and field program, worker shares and volunteers also helped maintain my plots and collect data.

Funding for this project was provided by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Food & Society Initiative.