Teacher Reactions

After coming out to the Youth Farm, we ask teachers, staff, and other volunteers for their reactions and feeback. Here is what some teachers had to say about their time at the Youth Farm!


“This is an outstanding experience!  We are so very impressed with the way the entire staff at the farm interacted with students.  I tell everyone I know how wonderful this place is.  The other three of my colleagues were new to the farm, and all three told me this was the most educational, fun, worthwhile, and stress free trip they have ever been on!  In one sense I don't want it to get out how great this place is, because we could get bumped out due to trips filling up so fast if everyone knew what I know.  You guys are the best!”- John Corcoran, Elvehjem Elementary

"I saw lots of great teamwork happening with our group...I think it is a great community building trip for the beginning of the school year and I would recommend it to any elementary school teacher in Madison for a first field trip of the year." -Visiting teacher

“This is a wonderful program that engages ALL students with centers/activities that students rarely ever get a chance to participate in, get to talk with an expert on the topic, and everything is LITERALLY HANDS-ON. The students love the experience and transfer their experience to other academic areas (science, math) throughout the school year.  This is a GEM of a program!!!!”-Kennedy Elementary Teacher

“The organization, cooperative activities, and empowerment of young people in the garden were all important to us and resonant with our school values.” -Tresi, Wingra Elementary School

 “It is so obvious that you love what you do at the local farm and it seems contagious...I love to see students plant plants or dig up potatoes and load up the wagon for the leader to take to the Goodman Center!..The kids love it, the parents love it, and the teachers love it! This program compliments our science program very much.”-Kennedy 1st grade teacher

“Everything worked very well. Moving the groups between stations went very smoothly and was just long enough to keep student interest and leave them wanting to do more.”- Jill Olsen, Jefferson Middle School

“We loved how much the kids had to work! They were very engaged, busy and helping each other out!”- Olaya Benavides, Lincoln Elementary teacher

"All the other teachers were raving about this field trip." -Lincoln Elementary teacher

“I appreciate how the farmers responded so positively to one of our most challenging students. He was fully included, and he said to me, "I think when I grow up, I'm going to be a gardener." -Inga Hamilton, Lowell Elementary

“Everything was well-planned and coordinated. Activities were kid friendly and the just the right length of time to keep kids engaged. The ratio of adults talking to kids doing was perfect (i.e. not very much adult talking!)”- Sarah Scallon, Lincoln Elementary teacher

"We absolutely loved the field trip!  Our students were very engaged and the organization of the stations were great.  Our students are still talking about the blender bike!" -visiting teacher
"Our students do best with as much hands-on learning and as little lecture style learning as possible.  You all really took that into account when designing the field trip, and that was much appreciated."-visiting teacher
"I will do hands-on planting and harvesting as much as possible as part of our plant unit. Kids learn SO much more this way that just talking about it in class."-teacher from Lowell Elementary
"I think any time I visit the farm I am reminded of ways that I can improve and/or alter our garden space at school.  It is always nice to stay connected with the youth farming community." -visiting teacher
"All of the activities were perfect for our unit and our group.  Thank you for working with us and for planning such impactful activities.  It was the highlight of the soil unit for many kids." -visiting teacher
"I saw how excited some of my hard to engage students were to be outside and do something hands-on. It inspired me to do more work outside with my students and to work more in our own school garden next year." -visiting teacher
"Another wonderful visit to the Youth Farm! The students, chaperones, and teachers learn something every time they visit. All leave relaxed, have learned, and helped the community." - Kennedy Elementary School teacher
"In science class we have been talking about plant life cycles and other life cycles that impact ecosystems. This field trip tied in nicely with this. It also tied into our health lessons about healthy eating" - visiting teacher
"We attend the farm a number of years ago. Students enjoyed the experience, but the work put into diversifying programming (ie. adding cooking options for all experiences and tasks) in addition to tailoring experiences for each group was obvious. I was really impressed with our experience. Thank you for all you do!" -visiting teacher