Student Quotes

Everyday when we are out the Youth Farm we are lucky enough to get to experience the joy, determination, and celebration of students. Here is a selection of some really memorable quotes from the farm.

On the Farm Work 

“Dinner is served!” – Student adding compost to a new transplant

"I only like getting dirty when I'm helping nature" -Second grade student

“I love the way the dirt feels in my hands.” –Lowell Elementary 1st grader

"Do your thing little worm." -First grader 
"One student was angry at first about getting his hands dirty. Later someone said, 'I don't like my hands being dirty,' and that student replied,  'That's just how the garden is. You're going to get your hands dirty." -An intern reflecting on the day 
"I like planting potatoes the best because you never know how many you will get, it's a surprise everytime!" - Student 
"I work when I pick it, I get paid when I eat it." -student talking about raspberries
"I wish I lived here, that means I could come here every day! "- Elementary student

“That’s just how it is on the farm-you’re gonna get dirty.” – Academy of Little Learners student
“That soil looks really nice- it looks like plants would really want to grow there.”-Muir Elementary student
“This place is special.” – Horizon High School student
“I learned that work can be really fun, even though you get dirty sometimes.”-Jefferson 6th grade girl at end of trip
“Come help me down here – it’s peaceful down here!” –Glendale 3rd grade student while planting
“It’s SOOOOO cute!” -Shorewood 1st grade girls holding a grub
 “I think I want to be a farmer.”-Kennedy 5th grader while hoeing
“Can we just keep weeding? Please?!” –Kennedy 5th grade boys

Shorewood 1st graders
       Kid 1:“Farms are my favorite place.”
       Kid 2: “Mine, too!”
“Make sure you learn how to be a good farmer so you can be a good person when you grow up.”-Lincoln 3rd grade girl to another
Kennedy 4th grader
       Leader: “We’re going to work together to pull these weeds-like a team.”
       Girl: “We’re already on a team, ‘cause this is all of our farm.”
“It’s so hot, like woodchip soup, and this is our giant spoon!” –Kuhl Corner Campus kidabout the woodchip pile
“Don’t you just feel so satisfied?” –2 middle school girls that had gardened the entire time
“These are the cutest cucumbers ever!”-Middle school student
“We have 10 minutes left, let’s just harvest all of the broccoli!”-enthusiastic high school student from the Seed to Table program
“I am the onion whisperer!”-Toki 6th grader when finding hidden onions in weeds
“I feel like a real farmer!” –Wingra 3rd grader woodchipping
"I don't like bugs and getting dirty, but today I do!" -Toki middle school student
"I think I like gardening a little bit more now!" -statement by a middle school student during our closing circle who was initially apprehensive to participate at the beginning
"Now I know how to plant, and if I had a shovel and some seeds and soil, I could plant anything!" -Glendale Kindergartener

On Beekeeping

"That's so nice of them, if bees could talk I'd say thank you." -Child in response to finding out that bees produce honey
"I don't usually like bees, but I like them on the farm!" -First grade student 
"I was scared of the bees, but I went over to them anyways. I am proud of myself." -Elementary school student
"How do you make this? What you you put in it to make it taste so good?" -Garden Fit student on honey
"When I grow up, I'm going to be a beekeeper!" -Middle school student
"I didn't realize bees were everywhere! You just have to look for them!" -Kennedy 1st grader

On The Fruits and Vegetables

“Thanks for the yummiest thing I ate in my life!” -First grader, after eating kale wraps
"Everything tastes better if you plant it or harvest it yourself.”–High schooler eating salad and stuffed peppers
"I like broccoli better than cake!! -Student  
"I don't want to eat the ice cream. I would rather eat the vegetables! -Elementary student from Salvation Army
"Those beet burgers were SOOO good, we need to look up the recipe" "We could have our friends over and make them, it would be so fun!" "YEAH!"-overheard conversation between two students when leaving the farm 
"I like strawberries better than candy!" -student while harvesting strawberries
“That recipe was TOO good!” –Kennedy 3rd grader about Asparagus toast
“I want have this for lunch!” –Kennedy Kindergartener about lambs-quarters 
Kennedy Kindergartener in tasting lambs-quarters
Kid: “Is this healthy?”
Leader: “Yes”
Kid: “YES!!!”
“I never knew plants could taste this good!” -Kennedy 3rd grader

"If you want to try something delectable, come in here!" -Woodland Montessori student in raspberry patch
"I don't like vegetables, I just like salad." -Salvation Army elementary student
“I’ve never had this stuff (salsa) before, and I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I’m gonna put it on both my chips and double challenge myself!" -Elementary student
“Mom, you have to make this!” –YouthWorks student repeatedly told his mother in regards to bok choi salsa
“I’m gonna make this for my mom for dinner!” –Camp Shalom student about kale/fennel/kohlrabi slaw
One kid was not very excited about making broccoli fritters, yet after trying them he said “This isn’t what I expected…It’s delicious!”
“This is a great snack, I want to have this as a midnight snack.” –middle school student about kale/kohlrabi/fennel slaw
“It’s kind of weird, but I like it!” –student response to a smoothie that other youth had created  with cucumber, lemon mint, and apple
“This is the best strawberry I’ve ever had!”-elementary aged student from Goodman Red Tribe
“I want to take everything from the farm. I love vegetables. I LOVE VEGETABLES!” – Academy for Little Learners student
Lowell Elementary Student conversation:
Kid 1: “I love apples because they’re healthy AND delicious!”
Kid 2: “And broccoli, and kale!”
“This smells like jelly beans!”-Academy for Little Learners student about fennel
“I don’t like peppers other places, but I like them on this farm!”-Kennedy Elementary 2nd grader
“These pickes are the best salad I’ve ever had!”-Elvejehem 1st grader about fresh made broccoli, carrot, and radish pickles
When staff asked a Wingra student what her favorite part was, she replied, "Every little, delicious bit!"
“This tastes just like a forest!”-Wingra 2nd grader eating bok choi salsa
“Did you ever imagine we would be eating the plant we just picked?”-Kennedy 3rd grade student
"On a scale of 1 to 100, I give these 100!" - student eating sunchokes
"I like this so much, I'm going to go home and tell my dad to get all the ingredients!" -student after making salsa in the cooking station
"I don't like any of the ingredients of the salsa on their own, but somehow when you mix it all together I LOVE it!" - Wander Wisconsin student


An Ode to Kale


Students that visit the Youth Farm sure love their kale, and they are often seen walking the field munching raw leaves. Here are few quotes about this wonderful plant!
“More kale, more kale!”-Wingra kindergartner student eating kale chips
“I want kale, I want kale!”-Wingra students chanting
“Dude, I ate so much kale.”-Toki Middle School student
“This is like cotton candy…but healthy!” –Kennedy 3rd grader eating a kale bouquet
"My FAVORITE vegetable!" -student in the kale patch
"This is definitely my plant. I remember. Its name is Kaylee!" -Kennedy student picking leaves from the kale plant that she planted earlier in spring
"Tastes like steak!" -on kale chips