Stories and Quotes from the Kids' Garden

Stories & Quotes

We love to share what we hear day to day from our visiting students and staff, and the feedback we receive from our interns. Please feel free to peruse the meaningful, funny and often touching moments that have been recorded.

Student Quotes

"Do you play sports?  Nah, I'm more of a plant person."

"I wish I could stay here forever!"

"I didn't start like asparagus until I came here."

"I love coming here to learn.  I feel like I can make dinner now."

"I'm so proud of myself for actually climbing this tree."

"I LOVE this place!  I thought we were just going to look at boring plants, but we are actually DOING stuff!"

"That's so cool that I made that AND I get to eat it!"


"These tomates are a bit juicy and a teensy weensy bit sweet."

"Its so magical to pick this huge zucchini."

"I love Troy Gardens! You get to try things you never get to try and you get to find things you never knew before."

"Oh my God! I love nature!"

"I'm changing.  This is the start of my change.  I'm eating more vegetables and less meat."

"Who needs math class when you have Troy Gardens?

"I want to live here!"

"Worms are the nicest because they don't have teeth."

"We look like chefs. Hey, we are chefs!"

"I'm like a tree - strong and brown."

"This is the best place ever!"

I didn't even know there were mulberries here, then I looked up and the sky was full of them!"

"I wish I could live in this tree forever."

"This is the best pizza I've ever had!" (from 5 different kids)

"I'm so glad I'm here!"

"You have to get some leaves in that salad, girl!"

"That's the biggest worm I've ever see in my whole life!"

"I'm so glad we stayed back when everyone went to feed the chickens. Climbing this mulberry tree and being up here is the best time I've ever had."

Intern & Volunteer Reactions

What have you enjoyed most about this internship?

"Watching, exploring, and engaging with kids of all ages and backgounds interact with the outdoor world was really the best part of the internship and something I will take with me forever."

What did you learn during this internship? Do you feel better equipped/prepared to facilitate youth garden education? How so?

"I can definitely say that I feel much more confident in pursuing and facilitating garden education because I feel I have the skills to lead activites, cooks with kids of all ages in an outdoor environment, and even hold a chicken!"