Stories and Quotes from the Kids' Garden

Stories & Quotes

We love to share what we hear day to day from our visiting students and staff, and the feedback we receive from our interns. Please feel free to peruse the meaningful, funny and often touching moments that have been recorded.

Student Quotes

"Being outside is like exercise. Plus we get to grow food!"

"I just want to plant so many plants and help the bees and be the bees best friend and then the queen bee will give me her crown."

"Troy Gardens always has the best food."

"Oh! That looks good! This looks so much better than the stuff in the store!"

"I love eating healthy because it makes my body feel good. I just love this broccoli!"

Talking to a plant - "Are you sad? I'll water you and make you happy."

"At home they don't let me help with the cooking because I'm too young. That's why I like coming here because they let me help in the kitchen.'

"I honestly think food tastes better when you dig it up yourself."

"It's fun getting dirty!"

Talking to the chickens - "Hello, beautiful. My name is Darnell, but in your language booock bock, bock."

"Oh my God! I love nature!"

"I love the chickens and the chickens love me."

"At first I didn't like the community center but since I came to the garden I made a lot of friends and like going now."

"I want to live here!"

"Worms are the nicest because they don't have teeth."

"We look like chefs. Hey, we are chefs!"

"I'm like a tree - strong and brown."

"This is the best place ever!"

I didn't even know there were mulberries here, then I looked up and the sky was full of them!"

"I wish I could live in this tree forever."

"This is the best pizza I've ever had!" (from 5 different kids)

"I'm so glad I'm here!"

"You have to get some leaves in that salad, girl!"

"That's the biggest worm I've ever see in my whole life!"

"I'm so glad we stayed back when everyone went to feed the chickens. Climbing this mulberry tree and being up here is the best time I've ever had."

Intern & Volunteer Reactions

What have you enjoyed most about this internship?

"Everything. From adventures in the prairie, to successes in the kitchen, to explaining why a plant needs soil, to pulling garlic from the patch and everything in between! I think that the most gratifying part of this experience has been when a child is genuinely interested in learning about the garden and asks questions. Being able to explain something that I feel passionate about is the greatest feeling!"

What did you learn during this internship? Do you feel better equipped/prepared to facilitate youth garden education? How so?

"The most valuable skills that I learned during this internship were to go with the flow, not overthink things, and relax enough to enjoy the moment! All of these are glorious life skills that make daily experience so much more enjoyable! I absolutely feel better equipped to work in many situations, especially in a youth garden setting. Learning the setup of the garden program showed me that implementing a program of this variety is attainable in a variety of diverse settings."

Teacher Reactions

"I love bringing the kids here. They feel free and empowered."

"This is my favorite activity we do all week with the kids."