MMSD Curriculum Standards - Tasty Tours

Tasty Tours

  • Science

    • SCI.SFP1 – students ask questions and define problems in conjunction with using crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas, to make sense of phenomena and solve problems
    • SCI.LS1.C.m – plants use energy from light to make sugars through photosynthesis. Within individual organisms, food is broken down through a series of chemical reactions that rearrange molecules and release energy
    • SCI.LS4.B.m – both natural and artificial selection result from certain traits giving some individuals an advantage in surviving and reproducing, leading to predominance of certain traits in a population
  • Social Studies

    • A.4.4 – Describe and give examples of ways in which people interact with the physical environment, including use of land, location of communities, methods of construction, and design of shelters
    • 2 Geography Performance Standard 2 – Compare and contrast life in cities, towns, suburbs, and farms
    • Grade 3 Geography Performance Standard 4 – Investigate and describe the geography (land forms and natural features) of Madison
    • Grade 4 Geography Performance Standard 3 – Explain how physical environment affects the way we live
    • Grade 4 Economic Performance Standard 4 – List Wisconsin’s natural, human, and economic resources
    • Grade 5 Geography Performance Standard 1 - Identify and Explain how physical features and climate influences specific cultures
    • K Economics Performance Standard 2 – participate in activities that require the division of labor
    • 1 Behavioral Science Performance Standard 6 – follow rules and directions