MMSD Curriculum Standards - Outdoor Art

Outdoor Art

  • Wisconsin Academic Standards – Visual Arts – Grades K-8

    • Content Standard OneSees in ways that engage the student in personal inquiry leading to a vision of what could be
    • Content Standard TwoImagines and problem solves a variety of approaches to and solutions for visual problems
    • Content Standard ThreeDesigns artwork organized by compositional principles, expressive features, and sensory qualities
    • Content Standard FourCreates images and objects that communicate and express ideas used varied media, techniques, and processes
    • Content Standard FiveProduces artwork that exemplifies craftsmanship
    • Content Standard SixReflects upon and assesses the characteristics and merits of own work and work of others
  •   Social Studies

    • K Economics Performance Standard 2 – participate in activities that require the division of labor
    • 1 Behavioral Science Performance Standard 6 – follow rules and directions