MMSD Curriculum Standards - Composting


  •  Science

    •  SCI.CC1.K-2 – students recognize that patterns in the natural and human designed world can be observed, used to describe phenomena, and used as evidence

    • SCI.CC1.3-5 – students identify similarities and differences in order to sort and classify natural objects and designed products. They identify patterns related to time, including simple rates of change and cycles, and use these patterns to make predictions

    • SCI.SFP1 – students ask questions and define problems in conjunction with using crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas, to make sense of phenomena and solve problems

    • SCI.LS2.B.5 – matter cycles between the air and soil, and among organisms as they live and die

  • Social Studies

    •  D.8.11 - Describe how personal decisions can have a global impact on issues such as trade agreements, recycling, and conserving the environment.

    • K Geography Performance Standard 5 – Explain how people’s actions can have an impact on the environment

    • K Economics Performance Standard 4 – describe how any why people recycle in the school, home, and community

    • Grade 2 Political Science and Citizenship Performance Standard 2 – List ways they can participate responsibility in their community (recycling, littler pick-up, planting trees, flowers, etc.)

    • K Economics Performance Standard 2 – participate in activities that require the division of labor

    • 1 Behavioral Science Performance Standard 6 – follow rules and directions