Information for Visiting Campers

Camp Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Registration takes place at the southeast corner of the land near the blue CGW banner.  At registration, please:

  • Sign your child in
  • Receive a nametag for your child
  • Review any medical issues with Garden Educator
  • Drop-off any medication (if applicable)

It is our policy that each camper be signed in every morning and signed out every afternoon.  Please make sure that everyone who is authorized to drop off or pick up your child is aware ofthis policy.



Please call 608-240-0409 if your child will not be attending their camp session. If we are not notified that your child will be absent, and your child has not arrived, CGW will contact you 30 minutes after your camp start time.  You may also call or email CGW ( or 608-240-0409) if you know of the absence ahead of time.  Please see the refund policy section below for more information on absences.



Layers of clothing that can get dirty generally work well for the garden. This will help your child adjust to changing temperatures.  We recommend tennis shoes or sturdy sandals.


What to bring to camp

Please label all items with your child’s name:

  • Backpack
  • Water bottle (we do have a drinking fountain onsite with filtered water for refills)
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray: Please indicate on the registration form if you would like Community GroundWorks staff to apply these to your child
  • Raincoat
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt if cooler temperatures
  • Hat


Camp Snacks

We will provide a garden-fresh snack for each camp session.  If your child has food allergies or other health concerns, we invite you to send a separate snack along with your child.


Weather Information

We garden rain or shine! Please check the weather prior to your child’s visit so you can pack sunscreen or a rain jacket - or both! While we tend to stay outdoors in light rain, we will move indoors in the event of thunder, lightning, or other serious weather conditions.


Bugs and Sun

Since your child will be spending time outside, please be sure to apply bug spray and sunscreen to your child prior to camp.  You may also choose to send these to camp with your child (please label!). If you wish CGW staff to reapply or assist in reapplying these to your child throughout the day, please make sure to check the box on the registration form allowing staff to do this for you child.  It is possible that while exploring the habitats at Troy Gardens, your child may come into contact with ticks, mosquitoes, honeybees, other biting insects, or poison ivy. While ticks are more common in the spring months, parents/guardians should check their child each night for ticks as a precaution.



If your child needs medication while at Troy Gardens, you must fill out and return the Authorization to Administer Medication Form.  Medications must be brought in and should only contain enough as needed while at camp.  Please drop off any necessary medication for your child at the registration table on your first day of camp.  All medications must be in their original containers with the medication, dosage, and administration instructions on the bottle and in a clearly labeled bag with the camper’s name.  CGW staff administers all medications and keeps them in a separate, secure location.  Exceptions to this policy are inhalers, epi-pens for severe allergies and diabetic medications which may be carried by the Garden Educator.  If you would like your child to carry his/her own medication and self-administer, please provide your permission in writing. An Authorization to Administer Medication form is not required for bugspray or sunscreen.


Optional Friday Family Picnic

Families of campers are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy together after camp on Fridays. Be sure to have your camper show you what they have planted in the garden, introduce you to the chickens, and show you the secret prairie grotto!