Community Food

Schoolyard Orchard Project

Thanks to an anonymous donor through the Madison Area Community Foundation, since 2014 we have been able to plant almost 200 edible fruit & nut trees and perennial shrubs at 17 Madison area schools, 6 community gardens, and 2 neighborhood centers. We enlisted the help of over 6500 kids to help us do the planting! We continually share information, experience, ideas, harvests and successes; and we celebrate community food often and bring people together around the topic of hands-on community food.

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Mendota Apple Orchard

The Mendota Mental Health Institute has given Troy Community Gardens permission to maintain its antique apple orchard. The orchard, which has 29 standard size trees of unknown varieties, was at one time cared for by MMHI patients but had not been maintained for many years when Troy gardeners and other Madison residents took over care of it in 2004. The goal of the project is to maintain the orchard using only organic methods. It is a project Troy Gardens has taken on in its effort to increase the food security of its gardeners. 
The orchard has been used to teach skills in orchard care to Madison residents through workshops and workdays. Youth involved in the Farm and Field program also help maintain the orchard during the summer months. 
Apples are harvested by those involved in the project, with part of the harvest being sold at the Troy Community Farm Stand to raise money for the project. In the fall, we press a few bushels of apples at our Harvest Festival or other special events. If you'd like to get involved in the project, check the events page for workday listings throughout the season.
*Please be aware that the orchard is located on restricted property and is not open to the public. Only through planned orchard activities with Troy Gardens can the orchard be accessed.

Madison Fruit & Nuts

Community GroundWorks is an active member of the Madison Fruits and Nuts partnership. This new group encourages planting and harvesting fruits and nuts in public spaces in Madison. Interested in free, fresh, local food?

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Here is a map to help you locate Community Food Trees in our area!